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You will need WINRAR to access this client! 

WINRAR is a free program!
Download WINRAR by pressing here

Important things to know after cleaner wipes trace files!
1)You need new IP address, use DEDICATED IP not normal VPN or call your provider and ask for new IP
2) You will need new account, you can buy verified account from us HERE or make your own if you have free SIM Card
3) You will need spoofer to hide HWID ban as well, we recommend getting Fz Spoofer from HERE


Important thing is you follow this order;
1) Use tool to remove all trace files, change IP address with Provider or DEDICATED IP VPN 
2) Use HWID spoofer to mask original serial numbers
3) Use new account you got from us, or created yourself only after all of the above is done. Download this file

COD Trace Cleaner

    • Check Status before purchase!!!

    A competent customer will contact you once purchasing and do everything necessary for you
    Just be sure to register with the site

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