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Q: I have a problem running the cheat. How do I solve it?

A. Every single cheat has been designed in a way to be operated even by users even with not so much knowledge about computer programs. Being said, each cheat comes with 2 important documents to be read before, one is the cheat information and second the manual. Each manual becomes available once you're moved to a customer role and explains everything you need to know about the product you have bought. Despite this fact, we have also created an important manual as well, explaining several things to be done beforehand like disabling the Antivirus, possible conflict programs and recommended tips. If you still are unable to use a cheat even by reading these articles, send your problem in live chat in website


Q: I have bought a cheat and received a key... Where is the loader to use it?

A. Most of our cheats (except some special ones) are located on the website and accessible to all our verified customers. Keep in mind that we have divided our cheats in sub-categories. There's also a quick link to the respective manual by using the function HOW TO USE.


Q: Is my cheat currently working? Is it 100% undetected?

A. Cheat status can be found by clicking on the button STATUSWorking means that at that current test time(check the current test time done at the moment of the update) the cheat was operating under normal circumstances. However, GAME UPDATES (including surprise ones), DEVELOPER UPDATES or SERVER DOWNTIMES could happen at any time making the cheat being unable to be used under these circumstances. On the other hand, Testing and Updating values, as their names suggest are status where we do not guarantee the fully functionality of the cheat you plan to use and it belongs to the customer self to act and think wisely before using them. We will not accept nor tolerate any bad comment/review done by any customer by not reading the cheat status.


Q. The cheat went suddenly down and I cannot use it. Do I get any compensation?

A. When the game updates, and once a patch is done, it is normal that a cheat stops to operate because they might have updated their anti-cheat, or other features, making it not possible for the cheat to be used again. The developer then will attempt to update the product and deliver us a newly generated loader and/or adding a self update to the current loader uploaded on the site. Normally, when it is due the game's own service being down, the developer will NOT add any compensation as we have enough channels for your information in regards a possible game update. However, there are some developers that agree to compensate for their services; in other words.... it belongs to the developer to compensate the customer or not and not the seller site, in this case, us.


Q. I got my account suspended. What do I do now?

A. Cheating in games is forbidden and by doing this practice you're aware of breaking any game's Terms of service. Even so if you do agree with that and want to walk on the cheat path, be aware that any cheat can and will get detected at some point, maybe after 2 months, maybe after one week or maybe tomorrow, but this will happen at some point. For this reason, we do not encourage our customers the use of any account with precious items/skins/ranks that you do not want to lose. You do accept the risks at the time you have purchased the product, and we will not be responsible for any actions done with them. Take the risks or not, the choice is entirely yours.


Q. Can I ask for a refund or a replacement of a product?

A. Before you make any purchase, you have to accept our Terms of service, this means that after a digital code has been sent to you, and used, you have also agreed to take the risk of using a program that is not designed to the original Game. We will not make any type of refunds in those cases, and even more, any type of reversal will not be valid and ending up by only flagging your Paypal account, increasing the high risk level ratio in Selly/online commerce and overall making your payments losing credibility. All these aspects are shown to us at the time you make a purchase and are freely open to be seen by any shop online. In case we find any type of reversal payment, we will ban you forever from all our services and that's not all, since you have accepted our terms of service, PayPal will end up denying your request (as we got all the information and documentation). In short words, No refunds. If you're in need of assistance or in case you're having any issue with your purchase, do contact us by using our Chat live in website

Now, with regard to replacements, we do only do this practice as an extraordinary measure when the cheat shows malfunctions that are affecting a big amount of users (not included cheat downtimes). We will not do any replacement when a customer does not read the cheat status or using the serial/product into a not compatible device.

Support Request Conditions:

-The support and assistance will only be offered to the person who have bought the serial to us. Giving away keys/gifting/lending services or trading are totally forbidden, and we will not assist in those cases when we do determine that is not the owner requesting for help.

-While requesting for help, BE POLITE, as we will give you the same treatment in return. We do understand how frustrating it is when something does not work as we could expect, but do try to understand that each piece of machine react different and sometimes we need time to give a proper solution. Our goal is that you enjoy the service and feel in comfort. Any person that does not speak to us by using an appropriate speech or trolling/insulting will be banned from all our services ending the support request immediately.

- Finally when a supporter request you the use of TeamViewer, you have to give access to the machine to any of our operators in order to help you. We will not look into any documentation/files/games that are not needed to be used/seen for the game. This type of assistance is done when an issue cannot be solved by simple words or by using the regular manual methods. Finally, we want to add that we do not use screenshare or any other service that is not Teamviewer. If you feel like denying this service, the ticket in discord will get closed INMEDIATELY as you have also denied our assistance. Please do read carefully, we take our employees time seriously, and we do not have the time to waste in people that do not want to be helped.

You can download Teamviewer here:



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