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GAMESCHEATS  User's guide

🔹Hello and welcome to our website!. In this section I will explain the basic procedures for accessing downloads and also some guidelines to follow after having been moved to our VIP group.

🔶First, we must identify the order number corresponding to the purchase made. An email is sent after you have made a purchase. Keep in mind that sometimes this e-mail is sent to the "Junk" or "Spam" folders.

For example:

🛒Order ID: This is basically the order number, with this, we can identify that you have successfully done a purchase and when. This ID number will be needed for your approval in the next step.

🔑Serial Code: This is your key. With this serial you can activate the loader you have purchased once you have been verified as customer.

1. How could I get verified as a Customer?

-It is very simple. Make a new thread at here Request promotion to Customer Group.

And then follow this template to make a simple request.

Please keep in mind that spamming messages as well as not including the order ID or any other type of offensive/repeated posts etc may delay your approval.

You can check at all times that every single person receive a response, so you can feel safe on that.
We will reply to you as soon as possible. (Usually within 1~2 hours)

2. What should I do once my request is approved?

Once this step is done, you're good to Download and read HOW TO USE 


We offer live chat support 24/7. If you have any problems,
you can reach us any time and get instant help!

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