Always make sure Origins/ Steam/ EPIC Store/ uPlay or any game launcher is closed 

First Preparation:

1) Delete any antivirus on your Pc, deactivation is not enough

2) Download Defender Control 1.6 HERE then run it and Disable your Windows Defender

3) Disable Fast Boot as shown HERE 

4) Disable secure boot in BIOS, press HERE to learn how

5) Enable Intel Virtualization technology, VT-X , or AMD-SVM in BIOS, press HERE to learn how

6) Disable all firewalls network options

7) Disable all overlays, such as; Geforce, AMD, GameBar, Discord...

Press on start button > Write System Information then check your BIOS Mode, If its in UEFI you can skip step 1

1) Bios BOOT has to be set in UEFI and Load Legacy OPROM: has to be Disabled otherwise you will get stuck in BIOS loop and will need re-installation of windows! Press HERE and HERE for instructions on how to set your Bios BOOT to UEFI.

2) HYPER-V enabled! Run CMD as admin and copy this command: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto then press enter 

3) You have to change your windows DRIVE to GPT, you can do so with this tool HERE if already in GPT format ignore this


Injecting process:

1) Right click on loader and press Run as Administrator, then enter your key 

2) Pres Yes on HWID spoofer, if you wish to use spoofer (press No if not)

3) Pc will now ask you to press OK, once done leave it for 20-30 seconds and it will restart by itself

4) Once its up again, run loader again as Administrator, enter your key again

5) Select your cheat then press Load (Cheat loaded, would you like to load more cheats?) Press No 

6) Run the game you are cheating on now and yellow circle should appear in the middle of the screen

- If there is no circle re-visit all the steps and make sure all is setup correctly


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