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How To Deal With Bans And Play Again
Download Revo Uninstaller from and Uninstall all the files of the game you were banned on (Also the Anti-Cheat Files whether it be EAC/BE)

2) Download Windows 10 ISO creator from

3) Select "Create installation media". Press next Please untick the box that says "use recommended options from this pc" like so; Then press next

4) Please select "ISO FILE". Let the file download to your desktop.

5) Download Rufus from

6) Have a USB with at least 8GB of space available handy - Run Rufus, select your USB as the Device - Boot selection should be Disk or ISO image

7) Select the above downloaded ISO - Press START - Allow Rufus to create the Boot Media - Once finished, you are ready to begin your format!
8 ) Restart your PC and press F1, F2, F8 or F10 (depending on your system) to enter the Boot Menu

9) Select your newly created USB as the Boot Device then Follow this video

Important things to note;

- It is extremely important that you clean your system via Diskpark, as shown in the video, and do this for ALL of your disks, besides the USB. This means that if you have two or more disks you need to clean them as well.

- If only way to change your IP is by using VPN then we recommended you to buy a VPN with dedicated IPs (NordVPN or PureVPN are selling those for example) or change your IP if you have a dynamic one (change ipv4 and ipv6) Link for NordVPN Dedicated IP, please note its only available to selected regions:

- Make sure not to active your windows key, or log in with your old microsoft account (some games track your windows key as well)

- Please remove "Onedrive" from your PC after you have installed windows. - Make sure is DISABLED at startup.You can do this in "startup apps"

- Please de-activate your windows with the commands below; Open CMD as admin. Type "slmgr /upk" and press enter - This will de-activate the key. Type "slmgr /cpky" and press enter
- This will delete the key from registry Final Steps:

1) After booting into your fresh install of windows IF you have it: Delete the following folder - C:\Windows.old

2) If the game you are playing IP bans then make sure to call you internet provider and see how can you change it (do not use VPN as games can detect that sometimes)
3) Don't forget to do SETUP STEPS again if formatting reversed any of your settings
4) Use Spoofer, Spoofer will change serial numbers of your PC such as HDD and SSD. Make sure to use spoofer before installing the game, or loaders like (Origins, Steam, and such..) As they do record serial numbers on installation and download process. - Games record them in their database and if same seral numbers are being used they would ban you instantly. General Final Checklist For COD; - New windows install - New IP from ISP (or dedicated IP via VPN) - New windows login account, do not use the same one - New windows key or do not activate windows or use commands above to disable / remove key. - Make sure no windows.old in your c drive. - Remove onedrive from your PC. - Make sure you create new accounts via mobile data(not connected to wifi) - Use spoofer and make sure its spoofed all possible IDs it can change in serial checker. (everything but cpu and mac) - Fz spoofer. From If all this is done, you can then install cod / battle net.

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